Our job is to find your home. As Real Estate Personal Shopper we base the search according to the criteria that you have defined us. We have a wide network of professionals who locate real estate assets, even when they are not yet for sale.

We have the experience of having developed our own methodology to analyze the real estate products that are on sale, selecting between all the existing offers of individuals, agencies or other channels of the market.

Negotiation - Purchase

We arrange visits, observe, analyse, photograph, measure and evaluate the viability. We make reports after each visit with the data of the property, location, state of conservation, average price of the area, description of the most relevant, services and endowments of the environment. If the property is optimal with your wish, we organize a second visit with you. When consider you appropiate we manage the realisation of a technical report or appraisal of the property.

A good negotiation is key. To get the best price requires to know the market, and have a capacity to negotiate with tranquility, with professional criterion, and especially with the technical and human arguments that allow to get what you crave, the best price

Additional Services

In Inday homes in addition to finding your ideal home on the Costa Blanca, we take care that your experience is completely satisfactory.

To do this, we have additional financing services, interior design and housing reforms. With these services we look for the customer to feel even more supported and to be unconcerned of all the formalities that it involves to release a house in another country.

Financing reforms
Interior Design